Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home sweet home

I absolutely love going home to East Texas. I'm from a super small town and love to get away from the crazy city. Sometimes it's nice to not have cell phone service. I picked a great weekend to come home because of  Highway 80 garage sales! 

"Organized to promote and increase tourism trade and traffic along historic US 80, the first coast-to-coast, all-weather highway in America, the 2,400 mile route begins in Savannah, Ga., makes its way through East Texas and concludes in San Diego, California. The three-state event will cover a 392 mile route – one of the nation’s longest –from Mesquite, TX through Louisiana to Jackson, Mississippi. "

I loved these cups. Why didn't I buy them?

Those chairs. Set of 4 for $60! And in such good shape!

That day I had 2 photo sessions so I didn't have enough time to stop at very many sales.
I did manage to find a couple of goodies.

Here's what I came home with: 

This cute little contemporary end table.
The bottom area is a cabinet. I really needed something to hold all my
Teen Vogues! $18 bucks.

This adorable vintage picnic basket (in great shape). I spotted the same one once
before and regretted not getting it so I didn't let this one get away!
$20 bucks. I probably could have talked it down but oh well!

And these 4 cute plastic blue place-mats.
I think they'll look great on my white Ikea coffee table.

Here's a little piece of my home.

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