Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just thought this was worthy of announcing...

Yesterday I FINALLY went downtown to the Dallas County Records building
and bought the names of my 2 businesses, Local Honey and Kelly Christine Photo.
Now I'm realllllly official.
Thank goodness neither of them were taken! As you can see I'm very excited.

After that I was just in a great mood and decided to go to some shops I've
been wanting to visit for a while now. One of them was Ahab Bowen in Uptown!
It's an amazing vintage clothing store with beautiful things.
The clothes are in pretty much perfect condition with really great prices.
You should check it out.

This shop was just too cute not to share!

Have a lovely day!

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TheLovelyHunter said...

i love ahab bowen! after Christmas they had half off specials and i stocked up--such a great store. i am pumped to have found someone else in the dallas area. do you actually live in dallas?

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