Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pretty Pretty

Happy Easter everyone! I'm a little sad today, though. Here I am all alone (well, I do have my 2 cats hehe) on Easter, a holiday that used to be such a big deal as kid. I couldn't wait to fall asleep to find a pretty little basket full of goodies by my feet the next morning! Then have a big egg hunt with all my crazy cousins. And now.. It's just a regular day. I did sleep in very late this morning then went for a nice bike ride around my neighborhood.. And tonight my love is coming to stay with me! I can't wait until we have our own family one day so I can be the one making Easter baskets for my kiddos! 

Here are just a few pretty things:

Amazing idea for a table decoration. Tiny jars of glitter!

Vintage hot air balloons.
I'm obsessed! Could be a pretty sweet little tattoo.

This is how I'd want my 21st birthday cake to look!
So simple, I love it.

Makes me want to have a pastel themed birthday party.

Have a lovely day!

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