Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Meet Canaan Adam. He's my boyfriend of nearly 6 years (in August!!) He's also my best friend.

He and I both have lots of love for nature and the outdoors, so I think this fits us perfectly.

We shot this video while visiting my home in Golden, TX.
Most of the footage is from our front yard which overlooks a huge pond
and the driveway to the house. I love it so much and appreciate it 10x more because I live in the city now.

I did, unfortunately, find 4 ticks on me after shooting!! Eeeeek!
I suppose it was worth it for this lovely video.

Oh! If you like this and want more info on how you and your love
can get a video like it contact me here.

Hope you enjoy it!


The Waits said...

i smiled the whole way through this lovely movie!! <3

k e l l y said...

^ Thank you! That's awesome.

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